Jonni the Red (subversion4kidz) wrote,
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How am I doing? Aww, thanks for asking. Um, fine. The word "fine" has a legitimate part in my vocabulary, but only when I find myself in predictable situations. For example, I predicted that if I didn't skip town soon, I'd stand there in awe while my surroundings fell apart and rearranged themselves in an unrecognizable shape. Such has been the pattern of current events.

My dreams have been playing tricks on my consciousness as well: I recently fell asleep to find that Pastor Neil has been overtaken by a strong desire to eat people. A night soon after I stumbled across a secret passageway that led to an underground complex of lush apartments owned by JPUSA's royal families; I stumbled out to find that my sister had murdered her best friend and hid the body.

Mikey told me he'd once been chased by a demon-possessed Glenn Kaiser.   These dreams better not be prophetic.

However, through all this,

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