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JPUSA COMMUNITY PICNIC: photos taken by Anders Strom.

Band trip to Green Bay with Aracely (photos by whoever):

I'm a 20 year old thrust into an extremely public place in the community.  I have to make decisions, and each one of them is going to offend SOMEBODY.  What does that mean?  I get yelled at a lot.  These people don't always smile at me the way they smile at the camera.

But most of them do... most of the time.

Brothers and sisters fight.  But then they realize they live with each other, so they make up and become better people for it.

There was this girl on the Camden House website who said that through Christ, tears of sorrow and tears joy of  were made of the same substance.  Now I understand what she meant: God can use both to mature you into the Creation He intended you to be.

I suppose it's a "blessed are those who mourn" sort of thing; after mourning and being comforted so many times, mourning becomes merely an anticipation of comfort.  And somehow we can come out of it a bit closer to Our Comforter.
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