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Indbildte Venner #3

Going by a table of old men:

Old Man: Dav!
(You stop)
You: Hvad sagde du?
Old Man: Jeg sagde "Dav!" Hvordan gaar det?
You: Uh, det gaar meget fint, jeg synes. Hvad med dig?
Old Man: Godt. (He also says something you can't quite understand)
You: En gang til?

Then you wake up.

I NEVER remember my dreams, but for the past few nights I've been having dreams of speaking Danish with old men in a restaurant. Then today I went to coffee with two of my JPUSA friends and a Danish couple, Liv and Heine. Heine heard that I spoke a little Danish.

He asked me, "Saa du kan forstaar mig nu?" and I was so happy to hear someone speak Danish to me that I got completely flustered and had no idea what to say back. It was the exact same euphoria I felt in the dreams.

So now I want to see the Motherland more than ever. I just hope God has the same plans for me.
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